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How to Make Sales (in a Non-Icky Way)

How do you feel about selling?

Awkward? Afraid? Annoying? Unworthy?

All of those feelings are natural.  They're human nature and EVERYONE who sells something for a living has felt that way at some point.

It can be easy to brush off those feelings - to put them down to just 'not being a natural sales person'.   It's easier for those lucky people who were born with the selling gene right?

What IS a Natural Sales Person? 

I mean, what do those lucky few who seem to find selling so easy, have that you don't have?

What is it that makes them so un-awkward (is that a word??), unafraid, un-annoying (is THAT a word??) and worthy of the sale?

It's not genes, I promise you.  It's practise.  It's going out there, facing those emotions and just getting on with it until it no longer feels so difficult. 

So it feels uncomfortable? Do it anyway.

It's scary? Do it anyway.

You feel annoying? You're not. Do it anyway.

You don't feel worthy? The only way that's going to change is by proving to yourself that you are. Do it anyway.

Your Customers Need You To Sell


It's true! Think back to why you set up your business. Yes, you want to be rich and famous and all that jazz - but I don't believe for a second that those are the only reasons.  You've got something you want to give to the world right?  Something you feel passionate about, that you know you can help people with?

The ONLY way you can truly make that impact is by making the sale.  

Stop thinking of it as being pushy, stop being afraid to hear 'no'.  Your customers NEED you to sell to them so they can experience what you have to offer.

You're not forcing them - if they don't want it then let them say no.

​In this week's Business Class Monday video, I walk you through some of those mindset blockers and how to overcome them so you too can start making sales - in a non-icky way!

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  • Thanks for the share.

    Challenged with selling? Change your mindset.

    You have a product or service people need. You must believe in it. You are solving their problems.

    Some will see your solution immediately, some will see it over period of time, some have found other ways and some will never see it. Keep going, You have what it takes!

    • Colette Broomhead

      Absolutely Riyaz! Thanks for reading/watching πŸ™‚