write a mission statement

This month we're going back to basics.  The thing is, the key to successful marketing (in fact, successful anything really), is good planning and the key to successful planning? Creating clear goals.  Today, I'm not talking to you about setting goals (I've done plenty of that already...)

​Stop Wasting Time, Set Better Goals

6 Steps to Setting Better Goals

No, today I'm talking about perhaps the ultimate goal for your business; your mission statement.  As a small business owner, this tends to be something you either completely miss or you cobble something together just to tick it off your list of things to do!  Does that sound like you?

Ok, well this is why you need to get it sorted!  You mission statement is what EVERYTHING else you do in your business should be based on.  All your business activities need to be aligned.  Your product or service, your branding, your marketing, your customer service.... it ALL needs to be planned to achieve that one mission statement.  If it's not, then that's where you start to see stagnation, time wasting and frustration.​

Convinced yet? Watch this and you'll see how you can create a mission statement for your business that will help you get alignment and momentum.​

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