how to schedule a month of social media

A Step by Step Guide to Scheduling Social - FAST! (Video Below)

A few people have asked me to do this particular video so I thought it was about time I got to it - and handily, it fits perfectly with this month's theme of planning and productivity.

If like me, you just don't have the time to spend hours endlessly posting on social media to promote your stuff, then you've probably wished there was a way to make it super fast and super easy...

There is!

CoSchedule is a tool that I started using around 6 months ago and although I probably don't use it to its full potential, my absolute FAVOURITE bit of functionality, is the ability to create social templates.

What's a social template? I hear you ask.  It's how I manage to schedule a month of promotional posts for each blog or video that I publish - in around TEN minutes.  Seriously.  

Want to know how?  WELL, let me show you...​

Was this useful? Let me know if you have any questions!

As always, I'll be doing a LIVE Q&A in my Facebook group, Business Class.  I would love to see you there...​

Colette Broomhead

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  • Thanks for sharing your video, I’m going to have a go as it would really save me alot of time

    • Colette Broomhead

      You’re so welcome! Glad it’s helped xxx

  • Natasha

    I’ll be saving this for later! I’m new to blogging and need all the help I can get lol

    • Colette Broomhead

      Great – I hope you find it useful! If you haven’t already joined, I’d love to invite you to join my Facebook group, Business Class – it’s a great place for support and resources for blogging and growing your business 🙂 Here’s the link if you’re interested –

  • Davilyn Atwood

    Thanks so much for sharing. I have been wondering if Co-scheduler would be worth the money. I am kind of always skeptical of paying for things I don’t know about. Thanks for the little tutorial, it was just what I needed.

    • You’re so welcome Davilyn! I love CoSchedule – totally worth the money in my opinion ☺️x

  • Emma-Louise Smith

    Thank you SO much for this tutorial Colette. I use Coschedule but was a bit baffled by the social helpers and how you use them here is AWESOME! I’ve set my social template for blog posts up in a similar way now and it rocks! Just shared this post in a group I’m in where someone was wondering if Coschedule was worth the money! With this functionality – definitely!

    • I’m so happy you found it helpful! Thanks for sharing and for your lovely comment! X ☺️

  • suzy connell

    New to me, although I had heard of Co-scheduler. Thanks for sharing the tutorial it was great!