Not making sales

If you're not making sales, then that's a big deal.  I mean it's kind of the core of your business, so it's pretty key.  The frustrating thing is, you can be an absolute GOD at what you do and still not make sales - because sales is all about marketing - and marketing is all about one thing...

You've got your Facebook page, your Twitter account, your Pinterest account and you're spending half your life on Instagram.  You've got your marketing funnels set up, your email newsletter is a hit BUT you're not making sales.  It's SO frustrating.  In fact, it can be enough to make you throw your hands in the air and just give up.  

Perhaps, you just can't do this? Perhaps you weren't meant to be successful?


The fact is, marketing doesn't need to be complex, but you DO need to have your foundations in place and there's one mistake in particular that small business owners and entrepreneurs are making. I've come across it again and again because it's human nature, and I totally get it. But it's NOT helping your business and the chances are, it's why you're not making sales. (PS - if you ARE having those negative thoughts then you should totally check out my last video on how to beat negative mindset)

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