How to price and structure your offers to hit 5k months with a small audience

The replay

Would you like my help figuring out how to hit 5k months with a small audience using this framework?

Book a free 50 minute Breakthrough Call. We'll: 

  • Identify your sellable signature offer.
  • Figure out the current gaps in your marketing and sales.
  • Create a 3-5 step action plan so you know what to do next to grow.

Why do I do these calls? It's simple - every few calls I chat to someone who's so excited about their action plan, they want my help implementing it.

Before you book, please make sure you meet the following criteria (to make sure I can actually help you):

  • You have a validated niche.
  • You have an audience (even if small!)
  • You're interested in reaching 5k months by developing and filling a high impact signature offer.
  • Like the idea of simple marketing that focuses on doing a few things well.
  • Like the idea of values-led selling, based on service and relationship building.

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