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So you want to create your high ticket service do ya? Good for you! I'm a huge believer that this is actually the very first type of service you should focus on as a service provider looking to build a name for yourself.


Because this type of offer allows you to have the most impact for your clients, it allows you to hit your income goals faster while you still have a relatively small audience AND it's by far the best way to become known for what you do.

I should say, I'm making an assumption for this post that you already know your niche. You have a broad idea of the type of people you want to help and the type of thing you want to help them with. In fact, there's a good chance that you're already serving those people with services (albeit perhaps lower ticket ones right now). If you don't know those things yet then I highly recommend you start off by reading this post on How to find your perfect business niche and then come back when you've got that bit sussed.

So, without further ado, let me share my 7 steps so you can go create your high ticket service...

1) know your audience

As I mentioned above, I'm assuming you already have a broad idea of WHO you want to create your service for. That is, you know (at least roughly) who your ideal clients are.

If you want to create a high ticket service for those people you need to really know who they are, what their challenges and frustrations are, what their dreams and goals are - and most importantly what results they're ready to invest in.

A common mistake I see people make is to assume that they already know this stuff. Maybe you were your ideal client at one point so you figure that's enough. It's NOT. It's helpful of course, but I highly recommend that you speak to as many ideal clients as you can. Knowledge is power!

I actually recorded a YouTube video where I chatted about a huge mistake I made myself and the massive impact it had on my business when I realised and changed that... you can check it out below if you feel like diving down the ideal client rabbit hole for a while...

2) figure out the result you want to deliver

Ok - now you know your ideal clients inside and out, you can start figuring out the result or transformation you can deliver with your service. There are 2 things that are absolutely vital for your service to be successful:

  1. The result needs to be something highly desirable to your ideal clients - something they are ready to invest in
  2. Aaand it also needs to be something you can actually deliver...

Sounds simple enough, right?

Well it is and it isn't... mostly, it isn't and that's pretty much all down to our minds and the fun tricks they like to play on us... This leads us to making one of more of these common mistakes:

  1. Playing it too safe: Imposter syndrome takes over so you choose a result that delivers less impact than you're actually capable of
  2. Going too broad: Getting too specific feels scary so you stay broad and... generic.
  3. Convincing ourselves that we can't help someone (even when we can) because we haven't done that exact same thing ourselves: There are many, many examples of situations where this logic doesn't play out. You don't have to have done something yourself to be able to help someone else do it (think sports coaches, doctors etc.)
  4. Convincing ourselves that we CAN help someone JUST because we've done it ourselves: Equally dangerous is the idea that just because you've done something, it means you're automatically able to help others do the same. This isn't necessarily true either - your way may work for some but not necessarily for all. Your own experience may have given you a less objective view of how to get your clients their desired results.
  5. Thinking you have to PROMISE a result in order to sell a service: Nope! This process isn't about finding a result that you can guarantee (you'll be looking for that for a LONG time). This is about finding a result that you can develop a service around and a result you can speak to in order to attract the right people for that service.

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3) what makes you different?

Once you know WHO you want to serve and WHAT you're going to help them with, now it's time to figure out how you're going to stand out and differentiate yourself from other people who are offering a similar service.

There are many ways you can stand out, so while this may feel a bit daunting at first, try to see it as an opportunity to get creative! Here are some examples:

  • Your qualifications
  • Something about your personality (eg. I'm an introvert and I believe that makes me a better coach, especially for other introverts)
  • Your specific framework or method 
  • Experiences you've had that mean you're better placed to support people achieve your chosen result

Get the idea? When you create your high ticket service, what will make you the perfect choice for your ideal clients?

4) create your offer roadmap

Now we're getting down to the nitty gritty. You have a starting point and an end point for when you create your high ticket service, so now it's time to map out the path you're going to take your clients on to get them from A to B.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Key milestones they'll achieve along the way
  • What information will they need?
  • What resources will they need?
  • What actions will they need to take?

Last but by no means least...

  • WHO will they need to become?

This might sound a bit deep - but often a big transformation requires more than just knowledge and action, it requires that become someone different. Weight loss is a great example of this.  There are millions of people who want to lose weight - and broadly speaking, most of us know HOW to go about it.

  • Eat more healthily
  • Move our bodies more

And yet, so many of us don't do this. Or we start and then give up.

Something else needs to shift inside us. 

As a service provider who helps someone with weight loss, this side of the transformation is just as important (arguably, more so) than the actual weight loss process itself. Without it, many (most?) of your clients won't get their desired results.

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5) Plan your package

Let's get down to logistics. You have some practical questions you'll need to answer before you put your service out there. Things like:

How long will clients work with you?

My advice here is simple - choose the amount of time you and your clients will need in order for them to get their desired results. 

How will you work together? 

How will your clients get the information and support they need in order to get their desired results?

What will the investment be?

Oof.. this one can be tough to answer! We can so easily get in our heads when thinking about what to price our service. 

Will they be able to afford that?

What will people think if I charge that?

Is it really worth that?

Could I even say that price?

... are just some of the thoughts that may pop into your head. 

I could write a whole blog post and more on this topic (maybe I will) but for the moment, I have this simple advice: Base your price on the value your service delivers and get ok with the fact that whatever number you choose, someone will think it's too expensive and someone else will think it's too cheap. For this reason, avoid asking anyone's opinion about your price - the only person whose opinion matters, is you.

Aand if you're up for another little rabbit hole, you can check out this video I did where I share a few more thoughts on pricing...

6) Validate your idea

By now you have the outline for your service - congrats!

Now, before you go away and start creating, you need to go check that you're on the right track... that service you've put together is something your ideal clients would be excited to invest in.


You need to go do some research calls.

Not surveys

Not 'what do you think of this' posts on social media

Not asking your friends and family

Find at least 5 people who fit your ideal client description and jump on a Zoom call with them.

Ask them to describe what's going for them right now with regard to the problem you solve. 

Ask them what success would look like.

Ask them why they think they haven't got there yet - and what they've already tried.

And lastly, share your service idea and ask them for their feedback.

- Would they invest in something like that?

- Is there anything missing?

- Is there anything that particularly excites them about what you've shared?

Once you've spoken to at least 5 people (10 if you can), you should have a wealth of insights into whether you have a service that's going to succeed - and if not, what you can do about it.

7) enrol beta testers

I am a huge fan of beta testing, especially if you're looking to create a high ticket service. Back in my corporate days, we ALWAYS beta tested new products and services. In fact, we wouldn't have dreamed of putting something out there without going through this rigorous testing process first.

For you, a beta test is a win/win.

  • You get to enrol clients before you've even created your service, which means you're not risking spending months in creation-mode only to put something out that no one wants.
  • You get to create the service alongside your ideal clients, so you know it's going to be a great-fit for them
  • You get some awesome testimonials that you can use in your marketing when sell it next time

This works for both 1-1 services and group services - just decide how many beta clients you want and then put out an offer. You can choose to discount your offer in return for feedback OR you can go straight in at your launch price. Here's an example of a post I did back in 2020. I got 5 beta members off the back of this post alone....

create your high ticket service

That's it! You're officially the proud provider of a truly awesome £1k+ service. Give yourself a massive pat on the back. Oh, and don't go without grabbing a copy of my free PDF on How to design & fill your £1-3k service.

design & fully book your £1-3k service

  • A simple 7-step process to design & fill your £1-3k service
  • Why you shouldn't price by hour (and what to do instead)
  • The easiest way to get the first (or next) clients for your service
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