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You're selling a service that costs £1-3k - buuuut, you're not getting as many clients as you'd like and your income feels inconsistent and unpredictable. You know that if you could just get more leads coming through, you'd get more clients... but how??

In this post, I'm sharing 9 tried and tested strategies to bring in more leads for your service. Some may take a bit of planning - but several of them you could literally do today!

What is a lead?

Before I start talking about how you can get more leads, let's just clarify exactly what I mean. What IS a lead? It's a term that can be used in many different ways.

Your lead magnets are used to get more people on your list. So are email subscribers leads? 

In this case, no.

When I talk about leads, I mean ideal clients who have shown that they are actively interested in your paid service or in getting the support you offer.

When someone books a discovery call, they're a lead.

When someone books a free strategy call or consultation, they're a lead

When someone emails you for more info about working together, they're a lead.

You get the idea.

So, now we've got that clear - HOW DO YOU GET MORE OF THEM??

What would it mean for your biz if you could have people booked into your calendar every single week to chat to you about working together? I'm guessing, a lot.

1) Your 'thank you' pages

Your 'thank you' page is the page you send new subscribers to after they just signed up for your freebie. It's also known as a confirmation page.

It's ALSO a space that you may well be wasting right now. This person has JUST downloaded your freebie - you have their attention, even if only briefly. USE IT.

I've used my thank you pages to promote my Facebook.

Some people use them to sell low ticket offers, sometimes known as 'trip wires'.

But how about, you test inviting people to book a call with you?? You can see an example of this on one of my own pages here. It's a thank you page I sent people to after they signed up for one of my free workshops.

2) your lead magnets

The core purpose of your lead magnet is to encourage people to sign up to your email list right? But what then??

What if they grabbed your lead magnet because they really need help RIGHT NOW with the thing your paid service is designed to help people with?

Make sure you offer people a next step on your lead magnet, so if they want more than just the quick win it delivers, they know what to do.

On my lead magnets, I invite people to a 15 or 50 minute call. It's an opportunity for them to get more support with the thing they need help with - and for me to create a much warmer lead or even a new client.

3) your welcome sequence

There's a good chance that someone who signed up for your lead magnet is an ideal client (at least if you've done a good job in creating a lead magnet that is aligned with your service).

Your welcome sequence is your opportunity to create a great first impression and to start sharing your messaging - that is, WHO you help and WHAT you help them with.

It's also a great opportunity to share how your new subscriber can get more support with that very thing...

I do this in my own welcome sequences and I've even created a Welcome Series Cheat Sheet to show you how. You can grab your free copy by completing the form below.

free welcome series cheat sheet

  • Build immediate trust and authority with your new subscribers.
  • Get people responding to your emails and starting conversations
  • Book you more sales calls with people who are ready to invest

4) your weekly emails

Not everyone is going to be ready to take that next step right away. In fact, most people won't.

That doesn't mean they're never going to become clients though - it just means they need a litttlllle bit more nurturing. They don't know you well enough yet. Or maybe they're just not at a point where your service is urgent enough yet for them to invest in support.

Either way, you want to stay front of mind, so when the time IS right, you're their first port of call.

That's where your nurture sequence comes in. 

Once someone completes your welcome sequence, you have an opportunity to really embed your messaging, to share your values and shout about your service. All of this will make it easier for your subscribers to decide if your service is a good fit for them.

As always, don't forget that all-important call to action. Wow them with your experience, your personality, your previous results, your expertise, your values and ethics... and THEN, tell them how to take the next step. 

5) free strategy calls

This is an interesting tactic - and the one I used to get my first few clients. The tactic is based on you selling the call, rather than the service you're selling. Rather than saying 'I have this great service that's going to help you do xyz. Book a call if you're interested'  you're saying 'hey, if you're struggling with xyz right now, book this free call to get some help'.

The fact is, more people are likely to book a call with you to get some free help than a call to talk about investing in your paid service.

So how does this get you leads for your paid service?? 

The call gives you the opportunity to build deep connection, to qualify if the person could be a good fit for your programme, to deliver huge clarity and to invite them to take the next step.

MANY of my clients have come from free strategy calls - either converting immediately to a paid client or coming back a few months down the line when they're ready to invest.

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6) workshops

I can pretty much guarantee that if I run a workshop, I'll come away with new leads at the end of it. That makes workshops a bit of a no-brainer for me!

Why do they work so well?

Similar to the strategy calls above, it's an opportunity to build connection and trust. It's also an opportunity to give value, while also highlighting your audience's current gaps - the ones your paid service can fill.

You can use workshops to invite people to book discovery calls or to book a free strategy call.

The former will give you warmer leads, but fewer of them. The latter will get you more calls in your diary, but you'll probably see a lower (immediate) conversion to clients.

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  • In-depth content ideas to generate leads for your higher ticket offers
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Easy Leads Playbook

7) video/live content

If you've been in the online business space for any length of time, you'll have probably heard that video content tends to perform better than written content. The algorithms share it more, people engage with it more and well... if you're not already using video in some form or other, you might want to consider it.

Why does video work so well??

It all comes back to the same thing again... connection and truest building.

When you're building a business online, you have one obstacle to overcome that face to face businesses don't have to worry about. Digital communication and content is dehumanizing. That's why online trolls and keyboard warriors exist. The person behind that social media or blog post doesn't seem like a real person because we haven't seen or spoken to them.

Video helps to bridge that gap somewhat. When we can see and hear you, we're better able to connect with you and to get a sense of whether you're someone we like and more importantly, someone we trust to deliver.

8) perspective shifting content

'What the heck is 'perspective shifting content'??' I hear you ask!

You know when you read a post that kind of blows your mind? That makes you go 'ooooh!' or 'aaaaah!'? There's a good chance that it's perspective shifting content.

Think about the common misconceptions in your niche.

Or the common mistakes.

Maybe the common challenges...

Then flip them around!

When you can create a powerful shift for someone, they're MUCH more likely to take action off the back of it.

Shift that perspective - and then invite them to book that call.

9) Sales content

I thought I'd end with the most obvious one - but also the one that we tend to avoid the most.

I see a lot of people giving a ton of value and then adding a call to action almost as an after-thought. A kind of PS (or in many cases an actual PS). That's fine. It has its place.

But make sure you're mixing it in with some good old, blatant, direct sales content.

The kind of content that just plainly states - 'hey if you want xyz then I have something that will help you get there and here's how you find out more'.

How often do you send your list that kind of email? 

How often do you create that type of post for your socials?

Chances are, not nearly as much as you should.

Every sales email you send or post you create increases your chances of generating leads.

Go create one now - you can thank me later.

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