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Okay, so there are probably better ways to get your customers to notice you than that - but hey, it was (fairly) original at least! Today, I'm chatting about the different ways that you can actually attract your ideal clients once you've found them.

In case you missed the last couple of videos, I went through the importance of knowing who your ideal customers are, and then How to Find Your Ideal Customers Online - go check them out so you're up to speed.

Those first 2 stages are the easy part (although they often don't feel that way I know!) - but you can do it all from the safety of your little bubble.  You're not having to put yourself out there or be vulnerable. You're just watching from afar.  You know what you've got to offer and you know how it will impact the lives of your ideal clients.  But so far, THEY don't know - and they won't know unless you make your move.

It's time to let the world (or at least your ideal clients) know who your are and how you can serve them.  It's time for THEM to notice YOU.

This week, I'll share my '2 C's' of getting noticed by your ideal customers.  It may feel scary at first but focus on THEM, on the benefit they'll get from experiencing you and your business and then DO IT. Before you know it you'll be able to attract your ideal clients like never before!

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Video Timeline

0.00 - 0.15: Intro

0.16 - 1.25: The importance of first impressions

1.26 - 2.34: How to use content marketing to attract your ideal clients

2.35 - 4.14: Using conversations to attract your ideal clients

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