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5 Signs that Your Business Planning Sucks

Overwhelmed Confused Frustrated STUCK. These are just some of fun feelings you’re pretty much guaranteed to feel at some point as an entrepreneur.  You had dreams of being your own boss, working when you feel like it, making money in your sleep and drifting through life in a constant state of inspiration and exhilaration. But then reality hits and it turns […]

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12 Small Business Goals to Inspire You

According to recent research by CoSchedule, marketers who set goals are 429% more likely to report success. Now, that’s an impressive stat – but it’s hardly a shocking one. I mean, goal setting is business 101, right?  Wrong. Actually, in a recent study reported by Inc. a massive 80% of small business owners admitted to not tracking their goals.  WHAAAAAT?!? Look, […]

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3 Habits of Highly Effective Online Business Owners

“Depending on what they are, our habits will either make us or break us. We become what we repeatedly do.” ―Sean CoveySince starting my own business, I’ve become slightly obsessed with what makes successful entrepreneurs different. Why do they manage to achieve what so many others don’t? Most people’s gut response to this question is that […]

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6 Types of Posts to Boost Your Facebook Group Engagement

So you’ve started your Facebook Group and you’re even getting a steady stream of new members coming in – BUT no one is engaging!  You post and get no response You go live and no one’s watching You basically feel like a crazy person who’s just talking to themselves… So what’s a group owner to do to get a […]

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8 Ways to Quickly Grow Your Facebook Group (for Free)

When you started to grow your Facebook Group you had a vision. You imagined a community of likeminded people, you pictured lively discussion, a supportive and positive atmosphere and of course, crowds of excited people clamouring to join! Instead, after the first flurry of members, your group feels more like an echo chamber with one solo […]

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