7 basics your website needs

Do you know what basics your website needs?

A new month, a new topic! This month's Business Class posts will continue our focus on building strong business foundations. In particular, we're going to be looking at setting up your business website.  

Setting up a website for your business is an area that a lot of people get stuck on.  How should it look, what do you need to include, is there anything you need to know... really, just where do you begin??? It needn't be tricky though and it shouldn't be something that holds back.  Quite the contrary! Your website, done properly is what will drive the success of your business.

Today, I want to answer a few of those questions for you by telling you the 7 basics your website needs when you're getting started.  As an added bonus, I also tell you the 'golden bullet' that you can use which helps to make ALL 7 work better!

This video is pretty meaty but I've actually cut it down so there's no fluff.  Everything left in is useful, valuable info for anyone just setting up their first website.

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