The Ultimate Beginners’ Guide to Getting Started on IGTV

On June 20th 2018, Instagram launched their newest and perhaps most exciting app yet: IGTV - and I for one, couldn't be more excited!

Why? Well let's start at the very beginning....

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What is IGTV?

Think YouTube but in vertical form - ready made for our mobile phones. 

Currently, most of us can only upload videos of 10 minutes or less but Instagram are dropping some strong hints that this will soon be increased to an hour... so watch this space!

There are 2 ways to access IGTV. You can either open it from inside the Instagram App


OR you can download a separate IGTV app and use that directly. ...

IGTV logo

4 Benefits of IGTV for Your Online Business

  • 1
    Getting in at the start! If you could go back and start a YouTube Channel when it launched, wouldn't you?! IGTV is getting a ton of attention at the moment - but very few people are actually creating and publishing videos there.... YET....
  • 2
    There's no need for expensive equipment: This platform is VERTICAL, meaning it's literally designed for your mobile phone, both from a viewer's perspective and a creator's. This couldn't be better for new online business owners! You don't need to go out and invest in a ton of expensive gear and you don't need to be an expert videographer or editor. I managed to create, edit and upload my first video in just a couple of hours (and it would have been less than that if I hadn't got a bit carried away creating my very own intro video!)
  • 3
    Instagram are going to give you more reach: Now, I should caveat this by saying this is just my personal opinion. But think about it - it just makes sense! It's a NEW platform and they want to encourage people to use it so they're going to make it as attractive as possible, for the time being at least. Remember when Facebook first launched business pages? They used to get 100% organic reach! ? Then they launched Facebook Live and that's still getting more reach than most standard posts...
  • 4
    It's going to be HUGE! Ok, you got me - this is just my opinion again. But don't you agree? Look at how big YouTube is! Look at how huge Instagram is! IGTV combines the best of both the long form format of YouTube and the viewing convenience of Instagram...

IGTV v Instagram Stories

'Isn't this just the same as Instagram Stories?' I hear you cry!

Well, not quite...

For a start, with Insta Stories, we're limited to videos of just 15 seconds long and then unless we save them to our highlights, they're gone in 24 hours.

IGTV videos remain viewable on your channel until you choose to delete them - and can be up to 10 minutes (or an hour for some accounts)

Aside from these logistical differences, IGTV and Insta Stories seem to have different purposes...

The impermanence of Stories makes them the perfect place for random shots of our kids or silly snippets of the mundane... IGTV on the other hand calls for something of more value and substance.

IGTV v YouTube

There's definitely a sense that IGTV is Instagram's answer to YouTube. They certainly have many similarities with channel owners uploading longer form content and viewers able to visit their favourite channels and browse their entire library of videos.

Of course the biggest and most significant difference is the vertical format that IGTV has chosen for its video uploads. This immediately optimises the app for mobile use and so perfectly aligns with the direction that online content creation and consumption is going...

5 Content Ideas for IGTV

Something which might be holding you back from getting started on IGTV, is deciding WHAT you're actually going to talk about.... I had the same struggle! Here are some ideas that might give you that spark of inspiration you're looking for...

Quick Tips & Tutorials

Considering the current 10 minute limit, this is the perfect place for bitesize tips and trainings! If you're creating long form content through another channel like blogging then why not break up your latest post into mini-posts that you can deliver on IGTV?

'Thought for the Day'

Another fun way to use IGTV is to post daily (or regular) inspirational or thought provoking content that lets your viewers inside your mind. 

Creative Skits or Sketches

Do you have a flare for comedy? Why not be really creative and start your own show? It's called IGTV after all...

Mini Interviews

Taking the interview format - but making it bitesize! This will take a but of planning but could be a great way to stand out and do something a bit different with this new channel.

Behind the Scenes/Vlog

This is what I'm planning to do! IGTV makes it so easy to capture and edit everything with your phone and I think this makes it the perfect platform for vlogging and showing more raw and real content.

How to Create & Edit Your First IGTV Video

Ok, now we're getting to the juicy stuff! If you're anything like me, you're champing at the bit to get started and publish your first video already!

Well, the good news is, it's super easy to get up and running and you don't need a bunch of expensive equipment and software. Hurrah!

That's not to say you can't use expensive equipment and software - DSLR's are still a viable way to go and it is possible to create and edit your videos on your PC if you choose.

BUT for the purpose of this guide we're going quick and dirty - or rather cheap and easy. As far as I'm concerned, done is better than perfect and actually you can still create a great quality, professional looking video using nothing but your phone and a few free apps.... There are tons of great apps out there but I'm going to show you what I used for mine.

Step 1: Planning Your Video

I know you're excited to get going but please do take some time to plan out what kind of video you're going to create and why. What key points do you want to get across? What call to action will you give your audience? 

Step 2: Creating Your Video

I mean this can be as simple as just opening your phone camera, setting it to 'video' and going for it! It would be remiss of my however if I didn't give you a few little tips and tricks to try while you're at it though...

Turn on Your Phone Grid

Most phones now allow you to do this. Just go to your settings and you should be able to switch on a grid that appears when you're in camera mode.  This helps you to position everything perfectly while filming.


Set Your Phone to 'Do Not Disturb'

The last thing you want while you're busy filming your masterpiece is for your phone to start ringing! Just head to your settings and set to 'Do Not Disturb' so you can create in peace...

Stay Steady!

If you're filming in one place then set your phone up so you don't have to hold it.  Steady as your hand may be, there'll still be some movement which can be distracting to your viewers.

A phone tripod is the perfect way to do this and you can buy them for next to nothing on Amazon. (Affiliate Link).

Alternatively, you can just prop your phone on a shelf or a pile of books!

Shoot Some B-Roll Darling!

Ooh, check me out with my fancy technical terms! 

B-Roll, in case you were wondering, is the term for those 'in between' segments that create a nice break between key sections of your video.

So for example, if you're filming your video in your office or at your desk, you could shoot some b-roll of yourself working at your laptop or chatting on the phone...

Perhaps you're doing more of a vlog style video and you're out and about somewhere. Your b-roll could be some of the pretty scenery around you - the ducks on the pond at the park, your children running around or even the traffic on the road... 

Get the idea?

You can create as many little videos as you like on your phone - they'll all come together in editing...

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Editing Your Video

This is the part when a lot of us feel completely stuck! Especially if you're new to creating video in general.

Good news though - there are tons of great apps that are super simple to use and although some of them come with a price tag attached, many are completely free.

Now of course, the editing stage is where you can cut out all the bits of your video which you don't want to keep in the final version - you know, when you got all tongue tied and then when you did that big sneeze...

And if you took multiple videos that you want to include, then this is where they all come together! 

That's not all though! There are tons of other fun things that you can do at the editing stage...

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Add Music & Sound Effects

It's amazing what a difference something as small as this can make.  It takes your video and just adds a professional touch.

Just make sure that you're allowed to add the music you choose as some is copyrighted.

Most editing apps come with a selection of tracks and sound effects that you can choose from.

Add a Filter

Going for something a little moody? Have a play around with the filters to create the look you're going for.  These work just the same as the filters you find on Instagram itself or other apps like it.

Again, most editing apps come with filters that you can select.

Add Some Text

Want to add some captions to your video? That can all be done at the editing stage too! 

My Favourite Editing App

Now to be fair, I haven't tried many yet - but so far, I've been using and really enjoying InShot.

It's completely free, it's easy to use AND it's available for Apple and Android phones.

Hey - if you want a step by step tutorial, then I've gone and recorded one that you can download right now - for free! 

Get your copy now!

How to Upload Your First IGTV Video

This part is easy-peasy! Just go into your IGTV app and then click on your channel's icon (see the image below)....


Then just tap on the plus sign (see below)

From there you'll be taken to your phone's video library where you can select which one you want to upload.

Once you've selected your video, you'll have the chance to add a Title and Description. Remember to use some keywords that your ideal clients will be using to search for your content!

You can also edit your cover, so why not take the time to create an eye-catching cover using an app like Canva?

Then just tap the 'Post' button and you're done! ?


How to Promote Your IGTV Videos

Now your video is out there, you want people to go watch it, right?!

Of course, you can do this in all the usual ways - on Facebook, in your emails, on your blog etc.

But I'm going to tell you about the coolest way to do it! 

Use Your Instagram Stories

Have you been coveting that fancy 'swipe up' feature that only bigger Instagram accounts can use?

Well now YOU can too! Until you have your 10k followers, you can still only use it to promote your IGTV, but I don't know about you, I'll take that!

To use this feature, just go and create your Instagram Story as normal and before adding it, you'll see an icon of some paperclips at the top of the screen. Tap the icon and you'll have the chance to connect your story to one of your IGTV videos.

Once you've done that, your viewers will be able to swipe up from your story to view it!

Pretty cool eh?

Did You Forget Your Gift?

This quick tutorial on InShot is going to save you SO much time and help you take your videos from basic to totally profesh so go on - grab it now and you'll have your first vid done and uploaded in no time at all! (Make sure you tell me when you do - I'd love to go check it out!)

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