blog clinic

Not getting as much traffic as you'd hoped?

Feeling really insecure & nervous every time you hit 'publish'?

Want some in depth feedback along with practical, easy to follow tips on how you can step up your blogging?

Hi! I'm Colette Broomhead and I work with people who believe there's more to life than the corporate grind.  People who have had enough of working to someone else's schedule, endless office drama and crappy bosses... 

You see, there IS another way!  I left my own corporate job of 13 years because I wanted more freedom.  Freedom to spend quality time with my young family, freedom to use my talents and actually make a difference in the world - and freedom to earn the kind of money that would have taken a lifetime in my 9-5...

I have 2 successful blogs of my own - my first landed me a guest cooking spot on TV in its first 6 months and the second is the reason you're here now! ;)  I also work as a freelance copywriter (what can I say, I love to write!) and am currently working with a FTSE30 company, creating regular posts for their blog. 

The 'laptop lifestyle' that so many people crave has never been more accessible! Building a business online isn't easy, but it is absolutely possible (yes, even for you!) and I want to help as many hopeful entrepreneurs as I can to find their own freedom, their own passion and their own purpose.

How does it work?

I'll thoroughly review your blog.  I'll cover factors such as your branding, niche, headlines, copy, layout, SEO, readability and more.  As well as providing feedback, I'll recommend actionable steps that you can take to increase your traffic and start attracting and engaging more of your target audience.

How will I receive the feedback?

You'll receive a full written report where I'll walk you through everything; what's working well and which areas to focus on.  You'll also get some key action steps that you can use to start seeing results right away.

What does it cost?

Just £47! 

You've seen all the blogging courses and coaches out there.  For those, you'd need to add at least one other zero, in some cases, two.  Why not try this first?  It's personalised to you, your blog and your business and it's completely affordable!


I'll happily answer them! Email colette@colettebroomhead.com 

Ready to give your blog a health check?