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So you've started your Facebook Group and you're even getting a steady stream of new members coming in - BUT no one is engaging! 

  • You post and get no response
  • You go live and no one's watching
  • You basically feel like a crazy person who's just talking to themselves...

So what's a group owner to do to get a bit of conversation started? 

I'll tell you! And *spoiler alert* - it's not about posting more inspirational quotes with images of sunsets or people on top of mountains...

It's also not about promoting your business more...

In fact, it's not about YOU at all....

If you're sick of the silence and you're ready to get your FB group buzzing, then sit back and let me tell you how (and of course, you'll want the amazing cheat sheet below too...)

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1) Daily Themes

This is probably the most common type of group post around - I'm sure you'll have seen and participated in them many times yourself.

And guess what? If YOU'VE participated, then chances are that your group members will too! 

The benefit of using themed posts that are repeated on certain days each week, is that it builds in a bit of consistency.  People like to know what to expect.  It's comforting! 

The types of themed posts that you use will depend on your niche and community and it's a good idea to experiment at first to see what goes down well and what falls flat.  Once a post gets some good engagement, then try it again the following week!

Keep in mind that people like to talk about themselves, they like a bit of fun and they like opportunities to connect with other members... how can you use this in your themed posts?

Let's look at a few examples...

Example 1: Health/Fitness Groups

MONDAY MOTIVATION: Share your fitness goals for this week! Let's keep each other accountable!

TUESDAY TIPS: What weight loss strategies have worked for you? Share your tips!

WEDNESDAY WORKOUTS: Share your favourite ways to get moving and stay in shape...

Example 2: Parent Groups

THANKFUL THURSDAYS: Being a parent can be tough - let's take a moment to focus on the positive. What are you thankful for this week?

FRIDAY FUNNIESKids are hilarious! What have your little ones done to make you laugh this week?

Example 3: Business Group

SATURDAY SOCIAL: Looking to collaborate? Share below and meet your new biz bestie!

SUNDAY SPOTLIGHT: Who has really helped you in your business? Give them a shout out to say thank you 

You get the idea...

If you're not already using themed posts in your group then give them a go - they're easy to implement, simple to schedule ahead of time and they always get people talking.

2) Questions

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make as a group owner is to make your group all about YOU.

If you want your members to get involved, then don't talk AT them, talk TO them - and better yet, encourage them to talk back by asking them about themselves.

We all love to talk about ourselves... Don't believe me? Try it in your own group and see what happens!

Here are a few great ways you can get your members to open up...

  • What if...? Ask your group to put themselves into some kind of hypothetical situation and to consider what they would do.
  • About you..? The best way to create a strong community is to really get to know your members - and for them to get to know each other! Ask them to share facts and stories about themselves. You could even ask them to share pics!
  • Opinion/Polls Learn more about your members by asking their opinion.  Facebook has included the 'poll' feature for group owners which helps you to do this in a fun way. You can also use polls to discover what you're audience is struggling with and what content or topics you should focus on next.

3) Support

Chances are that if you've set up your Facebook group to support your business, then you're in the position to offer your members some kind of help or training related to your niche.

The mistake that many group owners make is to think that this is the ONLY reason that people join your group.  It really isn't!

That being said, a healthy mix of support posts can help to boost your authority as group leader, as well as indirectly (or in some cases, directly!) promote your products and services.

Here are some ideas of the types of support post you could try...

  • Facebook Live always tends to get more engagement than standard posts.  It's easier for your members to connect with you when they can see and hear you! If you've never gone live then it may feel a bit scary at first - but once you've done it a few times, you'll learn to love it!
  • Tutorials are a wonderful way to give value to your members. They can either be in the form of a mini blog post in your group or perhaps a pre-recorded video (or a FB Live as above!) If your group is set up as a 'School/Class' in the settings then you'll also have the option to create learning 'units'.
  • Feedback: This is an awesome way to truly give your members the personal touch! Offer to give them feedback on their own endeavours. I do this sometimes in my own group, Fully Booked Mums. Members post links to their blog posts, or website pages and I create mini-reviews for them through FB Live. 

Have you joined my Facebook group?

4) Personal

Now, I said that your group isn't about YOU - and that's true. But your members still need to feel that they can connect with you.  They still want to understand who you are and what drives you.

The key here is to share your story, your life - your SELF, while still making it about THEM.


Yeah, I know that sounds a bit contradictory - but hear me out.

Think about what connects you with your members. Do you share similar backgrounds?

Perhaps you've shared similar experiences, hopes or fears?

THESE are the stories you should be telling! 

It may sometimes make you feel a bit vulnerable, but by opening up in this way, your members can see themselves in your story - and that is KEY when it comes to engagement. Oh and btw - it's also key when it comes to sales.

Here are some ideas for you...

  • Personal Stories are a great way to get your message across. People respond to (and remember!) stories. Perhaps you want to inspire your members to have confidence in themselves? You could share an inspirational quote. Or you could explain the benefits of being confident. OR you could share a personal story about a time when you lacked confidence and how everything changed for you when you finally learned to trust in yourself.... You see how much more powerful that makes your message? 
  • Behind the Scenes: This can sometimes feel a bit frivolous.. What's it got to do with your purpose? With your message? Well, probably very little - but sharing those little sneaks of your life helps people to relate to you. And in turn, that helps them to like and trust you. Plus you know - we're a nosey bunch and we love to be a fly on the wall in other people's lives and businesses! 
  • Beliefs/Values: All of the content we're talking about here is designed to engage your ideal clients - but it's designed to do something else too.  That is, turn off the people who aren't your ideal clients. You don't want these people in your group because ultimately, they're never going to fully engage and they're certainly not going to buy from you! By sharing your beliefs and values, you'll create a bond with your tribe, whilst also turning away those who aren't.

5) Fun

No one wants to be serious allll the time! In fact, for the most part, people are on Facebook to relax! They're looking for some entertainment - so give it to them!

Here are a few ways you could try...

  • GIFS/Emojis: who doesn't love to have fun with gifs and emojis? There's something about them which brings out the childish side in all of us. Ask your members to describe something using them and see what response you get!
  • Memes: If you can create (or share) a meme that really strikes a chord with your audience then nothing is more likely to create a viral response. Think about those common frustrations or challenges that your audience experiences - what could you create that inspires or perhaps looks at the funny side?
  • Games: Not everyone likes to share personal details on social media - but everyone likes a game! Get even your least active members involved by enticing them with a fun brain teaser, word game or something similar.

6) Recognition

A great way to help your members feel involved is to recognise them. Make a fuss! Call them out and make them feel special. 

I do this in three different ways in my group...

  • Welcome Posts: You can do this in a number of ways. You can create a general welcome post which you pin to the top of your group feed OR you can give your new members a more personalised experience by tagging them in a specific post just for them. When I first started my group I did this every time someone new joined. Now I have a weekly welcome post where I tag everyone who joined in the last 7 days. I invite my new members to post an introduction and even allow them to include links to promote their business as an incentive to get involved and to engage with my group right from the start. (After their intro posts links are only allowed in our weekly promo thread.)
  • Member of the Week: If you want your members to get involved, then what better way to encourage them than by recognising those who do! We all like to feel valued and appreciated after all. If you go to your group 'Insights' then Facebook actually provides you with details of your most engaged members for the last 30 days. Use this information to recognise (and even reward!) your stars.
  • Group Anniversaries: I haven't seen any other group owner do this - but I do it each week and I think it's a great way to re-engage members who may have fallen off the radar. I use my member info to identify anyone who joined the group in the same week, the previous year and then I tag them in a 'Happy Groupiversary' post.  I thank them for their loyalty and I encourage them to post a re-introduction so we can get to know them again.  These types of post have another slightly less obvious benefit.  You see, some of the people I tag think it's great that I've recognised their loyalty and they rediscover my group and start to engage again. Others actually leave the group altogether.  Why is that good? Because it's a gentle nudge to those in the group who are no longer my ideal clients.  They don't want to be a part of my group anymore - and I don't want them to either because they're bringing my engagement levels down!

Hopefully you now have a ton of ideas to get people talking in your group.  But just in case, I have some extra help to offer you...

Transform your FB Group Engagement in a Month!

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