Well hello, Superhero!

Just call me Wonder Woman (go on, please?) because I'm about to reveal the secrets to your Kryptonite...

THE 5 BIGGEST BLOCKERS Which Will Make Your Business Fail

1) Nasty Niche

It doesn't matter how you choose to pronounce it (I'm a 'neesh' girl, myself), the fact is you need one - and more than that, you need the right one for you.  There are 2 huge mistakes I see people making when choosing their niche. 

  • Choosing completely the wrong niche: Don't choose your business because you think it's an easy way to make money. Choose something you're passionate about.
  • Not going niche enough: Ignore that urge to please everyone - you'll find it MUCH easier to please someone specific.

2) Poor Planning

Sometimes when you're building a business 'on the side' while still working a 9-5, it can feel a bit like your business is just a hobby. So you treat it like one.

You squeeze it in around the rest of your day but that precious time isn't spent doing anything productive because you've never actually taken the time to plan.

You have no business goals (other than 'make enough money to quit my day job'), you have no business plan and you certainly don't have a strategy that's going to get you from A to B.

3) Mischievous Mindset

13 years in corporate has made me pretty practical when it comes to business so when people started talking 'mindset', I had a tendency to roll my eyes. After a couple of years in business, I realised what a HUGE part our minds play in the entrepreneurial journey.

In fact, I'd go so far as to say that it can often be the deciding factor between success and failure.

Those 'successful' business owners you spend so much time admiring (and wishing you could be more like)? 

They're no cleverer than you

They're no more qualified than you

They're no more special than you.

So why did they succeed?  They ignored that voice of doubt.  That voice that tells us to give up when we fail, that we'll never be good enough, that we were stupid to thing we could be like them. They ignored it and they just kept going until they got there.

4) Time Troubles

Well duh! You're trying to build a business and work a full-time job! Plus you know... family, health, keeping fit, seeing friends...

Time is pretty much ALWAYS a key challenge that new business owners talk to me about.

'Never enough hours in the day'

In fact, there's more to it than just not enough time.  We may tell ourselves that's the problem, but the REAL route of our time troubles is that we just don't manage the time we do have well enough.

There's no planning (I mean sure, we all buy our fancy new planners in January, but by Feb they're sitting in a drawer somewhere gathering dust)

There's no prioritising - hands up if you spend 80% of your time doing the fun stuff, the stuff that feels easy and comfortable?  But nearly 0% of the time doing the more scary stuff that's actually going to make you money?

Oh, and don't get me started on distractions...

Netflix binge anyone?

Couple of hours scrolling through Facebook?

Mustn't forget that washing that needs doing...

Ah, time for a quick tea break!

5) Messy Marketing

There's a reason that marketers get paid big bucks in corporate.  There's a skill to it (lots of them in fact!) and it isn't something you can just pick up by reading a few blog posts.  Oh, and done right? It's what makes businesses money. Lots of it.

So if your marketing strategy is something you've cobbled together from listening to a few podcasts and signing up for free courses and templates, then chances are, that's only going to get you so far.

I'm not saying you need to spend a fortune on 'getting people in' or even getting qualifications (I don't have a marketing qualification to my name!) but I am saying, take this stuff seriously.

Don't do something just because it worked for someone else - play to YOUR strengths

Don't try something for a week and then decide it doesn't work because you still haven't seen results - these things take time and consistency

Don't try to be everywhere - choose a strategy, commit to it and enjoy the journey.

"Great - but what do I do about it?"

.. is what I assume you're thinking right now.  But don't worry - if all of this is making you feel a bit queasy and overwhelmed, stop! I've got the perfect fix.

It's my free 50 minute Breakthrough Call and it's going to highlight exactly what's going on in YOUR biz - the good, the bad and the ugly.

Better still, you get an action plan - practical steps that you can implement right away and start seeing results in your biz.

Goodbye stress!

So long overwhelm!

Sayonara to feeling stuck!

*Confetti toss*

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