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17 Cringeworthy Email Tactics to Avoid

If we’ve been chums for a while then you’ll know I’m a big advocate of email marketing. I KNOW that it can be an incredibly effective way to build relationships AND to sell. It’s not a magic pill though and if you don’t take the time to learn how to do it right, well, like anything […]

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9 Highly Engaging Emails You Should be Sending to Your List

So, you’ve finally set up your email list and you’ve even started to get some subscribers coming through (hurrah!) BUT what on earth are you meant to do now? Everyone keeps saying the power is in the email list but what are you supposed to do to tap into all that power? Read on dear chum, I’m […]

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The Number One Reason Your Online Business Isn’t Making Money

Making money online was supposed to be EASY! The internet said so, so it must be true.  Except the actual truth is, you’ve tried just about everything and your online business isn’t making money. I mean everyone else is doing it aren’t they? You get yourself a website (or even just a social media account of some […]

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The (Not So) Secret Ingredient to Start Making More Sales

This is for you if:You’re just getting started with your online businessYou’ve been working like a Trojan, but so far you’re not seeing the results you need to quit your 9-5You’re feeling stuck and frustrated because honestly, you’re not sure what you’re doing wrong.You’d like a free gift (just scroll to the end)… 7 Figures […]

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10 Common Copywriting Mistakes That Will Mess Up Your Message

So you’ve put in the work with your business.  You’ve found the perfect niche, you’ve researched who your ideal clients are and what challenges they’re facing and you’ve carefully created the perfect products and services to solve them. Everything should be running smoothly… BUT … still. no. sales.​.. I’m going to take a stab in the dark and […]

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