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5 Signs that Your Business Planning Sucks

Overwhelmed Confused Frustrated STUCK. These are just some of fun feelings you’re pretty much guaranteed to feel at some point as an entrepreneur.  You had dreams of being your own boss, working when you feel like it, making money in your sleep and drifting through life in a constant state of inspiration and exhilaration. But then reality hits and it turns […]

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12 Small Business Goals to Inspire You

According to recent research by CoSchedule, marketers who set goals are 429% more likely to report success. Now, that’s an impressive stat – but it’s hardly a shocking one. I mean, goal setting is business 101, right?  Wrong. Actually, in a recent study reported by Inc. a massive 80% of small business owners admitted to not tracking their goals.  WHAAAAAT?!? Look, […]

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7 Tips for Preventing Content Burnout This Quarter

We’ve all experienced ‘content burnout’ at some point haven’t we? It’s a bit like writers’ blog, but worse! That feeling of running an endless treadmill – constantly working but never getting the job done. As soon as one post is published, there’s another one hanging over you… Then you miss a week… that turns into two […]

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How to create an editorial calendar – the easy way

How to Create an Editorial Calendar – Easily!So you’re sick of winging it week to week when it comes to your content creation? You’re spending waaay too long struggling with your blog posts and your social media? You’ve decided it’s time to get organised, to plan ahead and to start working smarter? Then you’ve come to the right […]

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What are KPI’s and What Should You Measure in Your Online Business?

“Measure what is measurable and make measurable what is not so.”  Galileo​​​​​​Have you ever done that thing where you set a bunch of goals, write a ton of ‘to do’ lists, get allll excited about your inevitable success… and then fall flat on your face and can’t work out why? It feels pretty deflating doesn’t it? What’s […]

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How to Write a Mission Statement that Actually Means Something

This month we’re going back to basics.  The thing is, the key to successful marketing (in fact, successful anything really), is good planning and the key to successful planning? Creating clear goals.  Today, I’m not talking to you about setting goals (I’ve done plenty of that already…)​Stop Wasting Time, Set Better Goals6 Steps to Setting […]

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