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5 Good habits to help you feel like a CEO

What exactly does it mean to ‘feel like a CEO’?  Well, let’s start with a few examples of what it looks like when you don’t feel like a CEO…You’re constantly telling yourself you need to get organised..You spend most of your time winging it when it comes to your content and…well… everything really.You look at […]

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9 Fake Reasons Not to Start a Business (& 1 Real One)

You’ve been thinking about starting your own business and all the possible benefits it could bring… more time with your kids no more commute! creative freedom FINANCIAL freedom …the list goes on… BUT, you haven’t done it yet. So far, it’s just a dream – but there are good reasons for that, right? I say this with love – but no, there […]

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3 Habits of Highly Effective Business Owners

“Depending on what they are, our habits will either make us or break us. We become what we repeatedly do.” ―Sean CoveySince starting my own business, I’ve become slightly obsessed with what makes successful business owners different. Why do they manage to achieve what so many others don’t? Most people’s gut response to this question is […]

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