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How to Stay Focused & Get Way More Done

Do you ever find yourself wondering why you never seem to achieve the things you set out to do each day? You’ve definitely been busy, but somehow, nothing got done.Something unexpected cropped up, or you just weren’t feeling it and found yourself ‘accidentally’ watching Netflix for half the afternoon…I think we’ve all been there!Luckily, there […]

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How to Plan Your Way to Success

Do you find yourself wishing you had more hours in the day? Do you find that day after day, you get caught up in an endless list of tasks that crop up and although you feel like you’ve been really busy, you don’t feel like you’ve actually achieved anything? In January, you excitedly set out your […]

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How to Write a Mission Statement that Actually Means Something

This month we’re going back to basics.  The thing is, the key to successful marketing (in fact, successful anything really), is good planning and the key to successful planning? Creating clear goals.  Today, I’m not talking to you about setting goals (I’ve done plenty of that already…)​Stop Wasting Time, Set Better Goals6 Steps to Setting […]

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How to Make Your Brand Stand Out

Do you ever find yourself looking around at your competitors and wondering what on earth you can do to make your brand stand out? Some have done it longer, others have more qualifications and still others have a flashy website that puts yours to shame….  It can be pretty disheartening!Luckily for you, I’m here to […]

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How to Create a Powerful Brand Story

We all love stories. Since our ancestors began drawing on cave walls, we humans have been naturally drawn (pardon the pun!) to communicating using stories.  That’s why brand stories work so well in marketing.  People don’t go and tell their friends about a great tagline they read or about a fantastic list of features and […]

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