Coaching Packages - Colette Broomhead

Who do I work with?

I work with people who want to leave their 9-5 behind for good and create an online business doing what they love.

Do you wake up on Monday mornings with a feeling of dread?

Do you feel like you're constantly being pulled in different directions by your career and personal life?

Do you look at those living the laptop lifestyle and WISH you were one of them?

Do you truly believe that you can do more - BE more, and that your business is what can take you there?

Then I'd love to hear from YOU! 

I've been there - in fact I was there not long ago. I get it and I want to help you make that final break from your 9-5 and to start growing a business that will give you your life back.

If you are in the early stages of  your online business (or perhaps you haven't started yet, but know you want to!) then I'd love to chat to you!

Thank you doesn't express how much you meant to me today! ... I believe you went right to the heart of my whole business. 

Your methodical approach and valuable information will enable me to get my business up and running.You have given me a good checklist for my planning and implementation. I can definitely score you 100%

Clair Pyle
Life Coach

How do I help?

I cut through the confusion and information overload and I help you move from overwhelm to action, from stuck to structure and from doing nothing to setting a deadline to quit.

I have thirteen years of business experience, working in a Footsie 30 company. In that time I have specialised in marketing, customer experience and people development.  I have built a business that has allowed me to quit my 9-5, to get more balance in my life and to finally feel truly fulfilled.

I can work with you on the practicalities of starting and growing a successful online business and more importantly, I can help to clear the confusion that is currently preventing you from moving forwards.  I will help you to find focus and to find your perfect strategy to leave your 9-5 behind for good and build that business and life that you want.

I want 1-1 coaching with me to make you feel;


You should be excited about your future! I want the doubts and fears to fade away and be replaced by belief and HOPE for what's to come and what you can achieve.


No more feeling stuck, You will no longer be looking at everyone else and wondering how you can match up. Instead, you'll be full of passion and INSPIRATION for what YOU can achieve.


Success comes with persistence. I want you to be filled with determination. EVERY DAY you are taking steps that are leading you closer to your goals. EVERY DAY you are taking steps which are leading you closer to leaving your 9-5 for good.  Don't loose faith. Don't give up. Be DETERMINED. completely changed my approach to asking for the sale. Sales are up massively and my students are happy also. Wins all round.

Tomlin Leckie
Online Music Teacher


​The beauty of 1-1 Coaching is that it can be tailored to suit you and your specific needs.  In your free intro session, we'll start to build a picture of what those are and then we'll create a package that works best for where you are with your business right now - whether you haven't begun your entrepreneurial journey yet or you're on your way but feeling stuck.  

Topics we can cover...

F is for Foundations

​Working on a business idea that inspires and excites you

Getting clear on your business purpose​ and mission

Choosing your niche and ideal client

Creating a strong brand that reflects you and calls out to your ideal clients​

Getting set up - your website, choosing a business name etc​

R is for Reach

Creating a content strategy to reach and attract your ideal clients

Using blogging to create thought leadership and engagement

Building and nurturing your email list

E is for Engagement

Creating community and trust through social media

Honing your messaging and copywriting skills

Understanding the customer lifecycle and the impact it should have on your messaging

E is for Earnings

Getting your first client or making your first sale

Sales funnels

Pricing and packaging

Creating a passive income ​

D is for D-Day! You're ready to quit...

How to talk to friends and family about your decision

Making the break - how to speak to your employer​ without fear or guilt

Dealing with the emotional toll that such a big change can have

Just Imagine...

How great it would feel to hand your notice in for good

Getting up each morning knowing that you're working towards something that's all yours - something that inspires you rather than drains you

Having the freedom to build a business where you can be YOU, where you can create what you want, do what you want - and get paid for it!

Being able to spend your life doing the things you love...

How does it work?

We'll start with a free one hour intro session where we'll chat about where you are right now, where you want to be and the challenges you're facing in getting there.  If you'd like to continue working together, you can then choose between two packages that I offer.

Once you've made your decision, I'll send over payment details and we'll get your sessions scheduled!

I usually run sessions via Zoom (which is a service similar to Skype.  You may choose whether you prefer our sessions to be video or audio. 

You'll get

  • 6-12 One Hour Coaching Sessions that are tailored to your specific needs
  • Replays of each session so that you can go back to them at your leisure
  • A follow-up email after each session which covers your action points and main points of discussion
  • Access to workbooks and templates that I use in my business
  • Priority email support from me for the duration of your package
  • A plan and deadline to quit your 9-5 for good!

Are you ready to set your deadline to quit your 9-5?

Before you decide if you'd like to work with me, I want us to get to know one another first.  

You see, I want to work with people who are serious - not just the toe dippers. So we'll start with a free 30 minute call and if we're a good fit, then we can take it from there!