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I didn't plan to write about a day in the life of a business owner today. I was going to write about guest posting, but honestly? I wasn't feeling it.  I sat at my laptop for a good hour and couldn't even start. I couldn't even come up with a headline that I like.

So, ummm - the next logical step was to write about my drinking habits, right?

Stick with me here, there's method in my madness.

You see, what I'm really talking about is the emotional rollercoaster that is being a business owner. I think you'll relate...

Reason 1: I woke up & discovered 6 whole people had signed up to my email list while I slept - Woo!

Pretty much the first thing I do each morning when I wake up is check my phone (yeah, I know... I can't stop!)  I look at my Facebook notifications, I check my website views and I take a peek at my email list.

There's nothing like a new subscriber to give you a sense of validation, am I right?  

I'm doing something right! 

Someone liked my stuff!

I'm a freakin' genius! 

Waking up to 6 new subscribers before my day had even properly begun was just the good news I needed to put a spring in my step as I leapt, bright-eyed (ok, crawled, bleary-eyed..) out of bed...

Reason 2: I suddenly realised that I have NO BUSINESS running my own business - Boo!

After dropping the boys off at school, I cheerily sat down at my desk (ahem... dining table) to do some work.

... Then I thought I'd better make myself a cuppa.  I always work better with a cup of tea in me.

... Ooh, and I'd better just get the washing on...

...Now just a quiiiiick look on Facebook...

Wait - HOW IS IT 11.30AM ALREADY?? I only have an hour left before I have to pick my littlest up..

I'm SO rubbish!

How can I help people with their business if I can't even manage my own time??

Have I made a terrible mistake?  I should NEVER have quit my job!


AND my tax bill is due and I'm pretty sure I'm going to be bankrupt...


Have you joined my Facebook group?

Reason 3: I finished a really dull task I've been putting off - Woo!

A spot of lunch and a few cuddles with this guy later...

I settled down on the sofa, laptop on my lap (well, duh!) and my boy snuggled next to me with some cartoons (ahem...YouTube videos...) and before I knew it, I'd completed a particularly onerous bit of copywriting I'd been putting off.  And I gotta say, it was pretty darn epic!

Turns out I'm NOT a failure but am in fact, a complete ROCKSTAR.

a day in the life

Reason 4: I got my tax return back - Boo!

Prepare to be shocked and horrified...

Our lovely accountant has been preparing our tax returns for us and due to a few, shall we say, 'tax-related hiccups' over the past year that have been completely out of our control, I had TOTALLY lost track of how much we owed. To be fair, I never really got to grips with it all to begin with!

Oh, and the money we'd been putting away each month for tax? We'd spent the whole lot. 

So it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that I've been awaiting our tax return with a little trepidation.

At around 4.30pm, my phone buzzed and with a sinking stomach I saw that the dreaded email had arrived.

I stared at it for a full five minutes, visions of bankruptcy, disappointed parents, weeping children, ... scurvy... you name it, it was flashing through my anguished mind.

Finally I summoned the courage to open it and with sweaty palms and a racing pulse, I read what my fate was to be....

Reason 5: The tax man owes ME money! Woo!


Yep. NO TAX BILL. In fact, we'll be getting a nice little lump sum instead. 


I'm pretty sure it's all down to my savvy financial management...

Nah, I just like the occasional glass of wine...

Actually, yesterday was a pretty standard day.  That's what life is like as a business owner.  You're flung from one emotional crisis to the next.  Once second you're on top of the world and the next, you feel like the biggest failure.

It's not for everyone, but if you can grab those feelings by the reigns and use them to POWER you forwards rather than drive you backwards (or perhaps most common, leave you frozen in fear), then a successful business owner you'll be, my friend.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is, on this particular day I didn't crack open the wine because of the day I'd had.  It was just an average Thursday.  I opened it because I felt like a glass or 2 of wine... ?‍

The Moral of the Story?

You're gonna have ALL THE FEELS on this entrepreneurial journey of yours.

Don't let them paralyse you.

Don't let them overwhelm you.

Don't let them control you.

You've got this. xx

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