how to create clickable blog headlines that attract your ideal client

Hands up if when you're writing your blog posts, your headlines are often a mere afterthought?

Be honest now....

I mean frankly, there's enough to do when you're writing a blog post so when it comes to the headlines, it's just a relief to scrawl something down and hit publish - amIright?

No. No, I'm not.

Your blog headline might just be THE MOST IMPORTANT part of your whole post.  If you don't absolutely nail it then all that other effort is pretty much for nothing because no one's going to bother clicking and checking it out.

SO with that, here's how you can write your very own clickable headlines and give your precious posts their very best chance of success.... 😉

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Video Summary (for those of you who like to skip ahead...)

02:11 - Be specific.  Let people know what they can expect if they read your post

02:27 - Be bold! Your headline is a piece of marketing after all...

03:33 - Play on emotions. How do you want your reader to feel?

04:08 - Choose your words wisely.

05:35 - Speak to your reader directly - the word 'you' has great power!

05:55 - Use what's already working for others!

06:42 - Test, test, test!

07:31: Ask...

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