how to find your ideal clients online

Getting really clear on who your ideal clients are can take a really long time and it's nearly always something my clients are struggling with when they first come to me. The thing is, even when you do know who they are, it can also be a real struggle to actually find your ideal clients online! Well, if that's something you're struggling with right now, then help is at hand...

In my previous post, I explained that trying to please everyone is a BIG mistake when it comes to marketing your business.  The same theory applies to WHERE  you focus your marketing activities.  By trying to be everywhere, you're really just doing the equivalent of standing atop (ooh check me out, 'atop'...) a mountain and yelling at the world with a megaphone.  You're a tiny little voice in a very big world.

Doesn't it make so much more sense to seek out those people who you've now identified as your ideal clients and market specifically to them?

Of course it does!  You make it sound so easy Colette - but where do I find these 'ideal clients'? So far, they just exist in my head.

Want to know more? Check out this week's video and I'll tell you what I mean...

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Video Timeline

0 - 0.19: Intro

0.20 - : Why is important to know where your ideal clients are?

0.30 - 0.56: Reason One: You know where to focus your marketing

0.57 - 1.20: Reason Two: You can infiltrate like a ninja!

1.21 - 1.45: Reason Three: You can start to build relationships

1.46 - 3.00: Places to find your ideal clients online - social media

3.01 - 3.30: Places to find your ideal clients online - competitors

3.31 - 4.27: Places to find your ideal clients online - Book/product reviews

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find your ideal clients online
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