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Create Your Own Brand Guide (Video Guide Below!)

If you want to create a memorable brand that's going to set you aside from your competitors (and I'm assuming you do because ... well, why wouldn't you want that??) then, there's one huge thing that you need...


Creating a personal brand isn't some super complicated science and you can build a memorable and authentic brand with ease . But if you're not consistent with it, you'll just come off as muddled and at worst, a bit false.  No one wants that!

That's why a brand guide is such a powerful tool.  You can keep all the key elements of your brand in one place as a constant reminder and inspiration to help you to 'stay on brand' at all times.

Feel like your brand is all over the place?

I like to think of branding as being a little bit like your business personality.  It's how you differentiate your biz from all the others out there.  It's how you attract your people - your ideal clients.  The folks who would rather work with you than your competitors because they sense that you just 'get them' more.

That's why being consistent with your branding is so key.  If you're all over the place then that's just confusing and maybe even off-putting to people.  Your message, your vibe - your personality will be muddled and as a result, your people will end up going elsewhere.

The problem is, keeping your brand consistent can be a pain! Making sure you're always using the same colours (and I'm talking to the colour code - not just 'blue' or 'green'!), keeping the wording and tone of voice the same across all channels, even using the same fonts! It takes time and sadly, time is one of those things that we all wish we had more of!

I've got 2 small boys, I'm trying to build my business, I've got a home and a husband, family and friends - not to mention a small, but not insignificant addiction to running...  That's a lot to fit in and so I do what I can to use my time as efficiently as possible.

From a business perspective, one of the things that I've done which has had most impact has been to create a Brand Guide.

It doesn't sound like much does it? But it gives me that all important FOCUS and it keeps all of my brand information in one place so when I'm writing a post or creating an image I have everything there to make sure that I'm being consistent with my colours, my fonts, my tone of voice - they're always the same and so they help people recognise my content and start to connect with my brand.

The video below offers a little practical help on how you can create a brand guide for your own business.  There are no set rules on how it should be done - other than doing it in a way which is going to work best for your style and personality.

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Want to skip straight to the juicy bits?  Here's a handy timeline...

0 - 0.42: Introduction

0.43 - 1.37: Different tools for creating your brand guide

1.38 - 2.43: Section 1, Brand Words & Characteristics

2.44 - 3.25: Section 2, Brand Beliefs

3.26 - 3.49: Section 3, Brand Story

3.50 - 5.31: Section 4, Brand Visuals

5.32 - 6.27: Section 5, Brand Voice

6.28 - 6.52: Section 6, Brand Examples

6.53 - End: Reminder about my weekly Q&A in Business Class & Goodbye!

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Brand Guide
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