how to stay focused and get way more done

Do you ever find yourself wondering why you never seem to achieve the things you set out to do each day? You've definitely been busy, but somehow, nothing got done.

Something unexpected cropped up, or you just weren't feeling it and found yourself 'accidentally' watching Netflix for half the afternoon...

I think we've all been there!

Luckily, there are ways that you can prevent this;  Tools that you can use to stay focused and actually get stuff done - the stuff you set out to do in the first place, that is...

In this week's Business Class Monday video, I chat to you about the different things that can cause us to lose focus and what practical steps you can take to stop this happening to you.

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You'll hear me talk about the importance of planning when it comes to keeping focused and if this is something you struggle with then I have a couple of things that may help.  Firstly, you should definitely re-visit last week's post which was all about how to plan (coincidence right? it's almost as if I PLANNED these topics to go together...) 😉 

Secondly, I have created a free weekly planner template that you can use to keep your goals in mind an your day focused.  If you'd like one then just pop your details below and I'll send one over.

Did I say 2 things?

Ok, maybe 3... We have a fab community of hopeful entrepreneurs, all looking to leave their 9-5 for good and create a business and life they love!  Come on over to my Facebook group, Business Class for support, chat, Q&A's and lots more!

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