how to stop spending so much time on your blog

Managing your blog can feel overwhelming.  There's just so much to do - the planning, the research, SEO, images, writing, getting the tech side sorted.... aaaaand the list goes on.

So it's no wonder that we find ourselves falling into what feels like a time black-hole everytime we sit down to work on our blogs.

How many of you have been up into the small hours of the morning, just tweaking this and adjusting that..?  I know I have!

The problem is, you're busy. You've got lots of other stuff to get done too.  Your actual 9-5 for one, not to mention the kids, the house, the groceries, the garden - oh and trying to grow your business....

Frankly, it's not surprising at all that it feels overwhelming sometimes! Something has to give...

Now, I can't wave a magic wand and give you more hours in your day, but I CAN give you a few tips and tools that you can use to reduce that feeling of overwhelm, to get more done - but do LESS...

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I recommend you watch the whole thing but if you're one of those people who has to skip to the end of a book first to see how it ends, then here are the key highlights for you to jump to 🙂 :

01:18 - Getting clear on your priorities - is blogging one of them or not?

02:45 - Less is more! You don't have to be everywhere and do everything.  In fact, you'll see more progress if you aren't.

03:46 - Breaking it down - the simplest way to stop something feeling overwhelming, is to break it down into bite-sized pieces.

04:17 - Schedule & Routine - yep, this is the really sexy part of the video! 😉 

05:30 - Heard of batch cooking? Well this is just like that, but with blogging...

06:29 - Be Kind to Yourself - getting a little perspective, taking a step back and making life easier for yourself.  Can't argue with that right?

07:09 - Your special invite! - Sorry!  Our blogging challenge has now ended.  Instead, I'd love to offer you a free gift to help you save even more time with your blog!

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