5 Ways to Know if You Should Get a Business Coach
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Deciding whether to get a business coach (or in fact any coach!) can be tricky.  On the one hand, you feel like you need some help.  Things aren't working out the way you want them to and you could really do with someone to come and shake things up a bit.  On the other hand, what if they challenge you to go outside your comfort zone?  What if it doesn't work and you've just wasted your time? Plus, you know - it's pretty expensive.  Yes, it may pay off - but what if it doesn't?

The questions below are designed to help you to work through those thoughts and fears so that you can make a decision that's right for you.  

1) Do you need a business coach?


There you go, that was easy...

You see, coaching isn't a necessity.  It just isn't.  I mean, I got through 39 years pretty happily without any coaching at all! What coaching does, is to make things easier and open your eyes to different ways of doing stuff - sometimes even different ways of 'being'.  Good coaching that is.

Think of coaching as your SatNav (unless you're like my Mum, who hates her SatNav because it keeps sending her in the wrong direction!)​ In this example, we'll assume that both the coaching and the SatNav are good.

So you don't NEED a SatNav to drive somewhere.  You could just get in the car and drive, using the sign posts on the road.  You could dig out your old road atlas..  Both of those methods will get you where you want to go.  What the SatNav does is to get you there more easily.  It may know shortcuts that you're not aware of or wouldn't spot by just reading the road signs.  It can tell you if there's traffic ahead and suggest an alternative route.​  It gives you options and opens your eyes to new choices.  It can actually improve your enjoyment of the journey by taking some of that 'I don't know where I'm going' stress out of it.

And so it is with coaching.  

I'm by no means belittling the power of coaching (I AM a business coach after all).  Actually, I think coaching can be game changing. LIFE changing, IF you're working with the right person and IF you're open to that change in the first place. 

So, do you need a business coach? No.  Will working with a coach (the right coach) create a positive change in your life and have a massive impact on your business? YES.

2) Do you want a business coach or consultant?

​It's good to know the difference.  Pretty frustrating to pay out for expensive coaching when all you want is for someone to show you how to build a website.

You see, a consultant is there to show you or tell you how to do something.  A coach is there to help you find your own answers and your own way.

A great coach will be able to help you identify what you need - even if you're not sure yourself!  So often, we think we just need someone to tell us what to do, but what we really need is someone to help us know what we want in the first place. 

By the way, as I have both practical business and coaching experience, I offer a healthy mix of the two in my coaching packages

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3) Are you ready to commit?

The point of coaching is to create change - whether that be in how your manage your business or your whole mindset.  Creating a big change takes commitment.  It's not easy - it SHOULDN'T be easy.  The best achievements in life are those that you struggle for, that take work.

A good business coach will CHALLENGE you.  They will have high expectations of you.  It might sometimes feel uncomfortable.  They might ask things of you that feel scary and out of your comfort zone.

That's how change happens.

Are you ready? ​

4) Are you ready to invest?

Not only will coaching be challenging but it probably won't be cheap.  Essentially, you're paying for results - for achieving the goals you're working on and the impact that success will have on your business and life. You're paying to create change in your business or life (or both!) It's an investment - often an uncomfortable one at first.  If you're happy to pay your coach their fee then it's a sign of commitment to the changes you want to make.  A great coaching relationship is rich and rewarding - with those rewards far outweighing any fee you pay.

If you feel doubtful then pause and make sure this is absolutely what you want.  Don't ever feel bullied or lambasted (great word right?!) into signing up with a coach when you're not ready or if you don't feel like they're a good fit.  You'll just end up feeling bitter and regretful and that is NOT the basis of a good coaching relationship.​

5) Are You Ready to Dream Big?

One of the first things that your coach will ask you is what goals you have for your sessions with them.  What do you hope to achieve? What are your expectations?

This person is there to SERVE you. To help you get your dreams. Tell them everything you want - even if it sounds impossible or too big.  Even if your inner voice is screaming 'you could never have that' or 'you could never do that'.  Tell them! 

Picture yourself doing and achieving ALL of those things.  Tell them what you see, what you feel, how your relationships would change, how your own self-esteem would change.  Be open. Be honest and let your coach help you to make your dreams come true.

Afterall, life's too short not to spend it doing the things that you love! 😉 ​

Interested in working with me?

I work with mums who have service based businesses and are ready to hit consistent 5k months. I help them to create a marketing strategy that feels light, that suits their skills and that makes selling feel easy.

I have thirteen years of business experience, working in a Footsie 30 company. In that time I have specialised in marketing, customer experience and people development. In the last few years I have built a business that has allowed me to quit my 9-5, to get more balance in my life and to finally feel truly fulfilled.

I will help you to see and break through those mindset blockers which are holding you back. We'll work together on re-writing your stories so you're set up for success.​ I want 1-1 coaching with me to make you feel;


You should be excited about your future! I want the doubts and fears to fade away and be replaced by belief and HOPE for what's to come and what you can achieve.


​No more feeling stuck, You will no longer be looking at everyone else and wondering how you can match up. Instead, you'll be full of joy, passion and INSPIRATION!


​Success comes with persistence. I want your heart to be filled with calm determination. EVERY DAY you are taking steps that are leading you closer to your goals. EVERY DAY you are taking steps which are leading you closer to leaving your 9-5 for good. Don't loose faith. Don't give up. Have DETERMINATION.

Working with me isn't like taking a magic pill.  I can't wave a wand and change your world.  Only YOU can do that.  I'll just be your SatNav 😉

If you want help seeing exactly what you're capable of, if you want to be challenged and if you want to find the path to success that fits YOU, then why not start off with a free strategy session? 


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Colette Broomhead

Helping you to leave your 9-5 behind for good and create a business and life you love.