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4 Huge Mistakes to Avoid When You're Just Getting Started

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Starting and running an online business isn't easy - and those flashy Facebook ads telling you that is, are flat-out lying! That being said, there are a few mistakes that I see over and over again (and in fact made myself), but which you can now avoid - you're welcome! ?

Mistake 1: Not choosing a niche

This might be the MOST common and I totally understand why.  'Well, I like travel and food and I'm a Mom and I love to make crafts... so why can't I just build a blog or business around ALL of those things?'

Because not everyone is a replica of you.  If I want to read about food, I go to a food blog.  If I want to read about travel, I go to a travel blog.... 

By not choosing a specific niche, you're not appealing to MORE people, you're appealing to fewer.

Mistake 2: Trying to be everywhere at once

'The more social media channels I'm on, the more people I'll reach, right?'

Not really.... not right now at least.

You see, building a strong, engaged following on social media takes time.  If you try to do that across ALL channels whilst also setting up a new business and going through the massive learning curve that entails, you're going to drown.

Instead, pick just one (two, tops) and pour your focus into showing up consistently there, learning everything you can about that specific channel and then once you've built some momentum, then you can start to broaden out to new channels.

Mistake 3: Not selling

Wait, what?

Yep, sounds pretty ridiculous doesn't it.  And yet I see it all the time.  

For most of us, selling doesn't feel comfortable.  It doesn't come naturally.  And so we bury ourselves in the business of work.  We keep super busy doing super important stuff like writing blog posts, being on social media and planning... loooottts of planning.

What we don't do, is DO.  We don't get out there and talk to our potential customers.  We don't push ourselves OUT of our comfort zone.

We don't sell.

Mistake 4: Inconsistency

Do you know how long it takes for people to forget you online? Ummm... not long. (If anyone has an actual answer to that, let me know! I Googled it for ages...)

Anyhoo, my point is, if you want to make an impact in the digital world, you need to show up consistently. If you want your audience to remember you, you can't suddenly vanish for days or weeks on end!

It may feel like you're talking to yourself at first, but stay the course and you won't regret it!

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