If you're looking to hit 5k months with a small audience, you're in the right place!

Hi, I'm Colette, mum of 2 boys, ex-corporate marketer and business coach to ambitious mum service providers who want the financial and time freedom that comes with consistent 5k months.

You want a business that gives you financial freedom & the chance to impact your clients' lives deeply - and you don't want to sacrifice your soul, your sanity or your precious spare time to get there...

My job is to get you there by the simplest route possible! I'll show you how to:

  • Craft your client A-B so that you can easily attract your ideal clients and inspire them to buy
  • Create a high impact, high income offer so you can serve deeply and be financially rewarded for it
  • Implement a simple client attraction system so you can market yourself without the overwhelm
  • Sell confidently and in a way that feels good for you - and your clients
  • Get clear on your core values and implement them into your business in a meaningful way
  • Develop powerful mindset tools and habits to support your success

My story...

I remember the exact moment when I realised that climbing the corporate ladder wasn't bringing me happiness and that I needed to make a change. I was with my 2 year old son and he wanted to go to the park - and I really wanted to take him! I wanted to push him on the swings, to see his smile and hold his little hand as he went down the slide.

But I'd forgotten that it had been raining and everything was too wet, so I sadly explained that we'd have to go another day. It occurred to me that the only time I saw my boy at the park, was when our child minder took him and sent me pictures. I was watching my children grow up by text message. I had been blindly climbing the corporate ladder, making sacrifice after sacrifice because 'it would all be worth it when I got the next promotion' - except with each promotion came more sacrifice. It suddenly seemed so ridiculous.  I went home and I cried - like red-faced, embarrassing snorts type crying.  My husband hugged me and told me to do whatever would make me happy again.

For the first time in as long as I could remember, I asked myself what that would be. What could I do that would take away the feeling that I was living life by compromises and sacrifices?

Firstly, I wanted to do something that would allow me to balance my work and my family. No more missed school plays or park trips by text.

Secondly, I wanted to do something that would allow me to be creative and to make use of the business and coaching experience that I'd gained over a 13 year corporate career. 

Lastly, I wanted to help as many other mum business owners to find the same freedom I was craving.

It was pretty scary - just thinking of a life - a career outside of my corporate bubble.  A huge part of me doubted whether I could actually do anything else.  So I sat down and I listed out my experience.  It turned out, I was more qualified than I realised!

  • I trained to be a teacher - it taught me I loved to teach - and I'm good at.
  • I trained to be a counsellor. It taught me that I'm fascinated by people; what motivates them, what lights them up and how I can help them tap into that.
  • I worked for a Footsie 30 company for 13 years, beginning as a customer service agent, then managing customer service teams, running a department, changing direction and moving into marketing before finally working my way up again to manage a marketing team and lead the onboarding strategy for a membership with over a million members.  I learned so much and found that I loved being able to continue my passion for developing people.  Over the thirteen years, I managed numerous teams and trained  in people management and coaching.  I also coached aspiring managers and created and delivered a training programme for them.

It turns out, my entire career was leading me to this point!

So I became a Business Coach. I was terrified to leave the comfort of my corporate cushion but in doing so, a weight lifted from my shoulders and my path suddenly became clear. It was exciting! Since then I've gained a whole heap more experience!

I've built a brand that I'm proud of.

I've fully booked my 1:1 coaching roster and several group programmes.

I've built a growing community of 1000+ mums in business over in my Facebook group, Fully Booked Mums.

Most importantly - I've helped other mums to do the same. To start getting clients, to hit their dreamiest of income goals and to achieve the financial independence and confidence that comes with achieving what you set out to - a successful business.

Interested in working together?

We'd be a great fit if:

  • You're a service provider with a combined audience under 1000 and your next income goal is 5k months.
  • You value simplicity and would rather do a few things really well than spread yourself over several projects at once.
  • You're looking to develop a signature offer you can be known for.
  • You'd describe your current marketing as a bit 'hit and miss' and you're looking for a simple system to grow your audience and generate leads.
  • Sales can feel a bit icky and you'd love a way to sell to your audience that feels values-led and natural.

There are 2 ways to work with me...

If you're interested in working together than I'd love to chat! You can work with me 1:1 or as part of my programme, Freedom, which is designed to help you hit 5k months by developing and selling a signature offer you can become known for.

To learn more and see if either of these options could be a good fit for you, pop me an email to colette@colettebroomhead.com.

Want my guide to hitting 5k months with an audience under 500?

Inside this guide, I share my Freedom Framework where I show you:

  • The best kind of offer to sell your small audience
  • The simple way to grow your audience and generate consistent lead flow and clients.
  • The one thing to focus on to convert more of your ideal clients into actual clients