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While you wait for your confirmation email to land in your inbox, here are 3 things you can do right now to make you more productive... ‚Äč

1) Always Keep a Notebook to Hand

We entrepreneurs tend to be a creative bunch - which often means we're constantly being distracted from the task in hand when new ideas and inspiration strikes. Keep a notebook handy and you'll be able to jot your thoughts down so they're out of your head but safe for when you're ready to focus on them.

2) Take Regular Breaks

What is they say? 'All work and no play makes Jack an unproductive boy'? .... Something like that anyway... In all seriousness though, when we're busy we're often tempted to work, work, work and sacrifice our relaxation time. This may feel like the productive choice but it really isn't.

Try using the handy Pomodoro App to time your work sessions and remind you when to take a few minutes off!

3) Set Small Goals

When you achieve a goal it's so motivating! That feeling of accomplishment powers you forward and inspires you to keep going and achieving more. By setting daily small goals you feel less overwhelmed and can celebrate regular small wins to keep you feeling productive.

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