9 Fake Reasons Not to Start a Business (& 1 Real One)
start a business

You've been thinking about starting your own business and all the possible benefits it could bring...

more time with your kids

no more commute!

creative freedom


...the list goes on...

BUT, you haven't done it yet. So far, it's just a dream - but there are good reasons for that, right?

I say this with love - but no, there probably aren't.

In fact, there's only ONE genuine reason not to start your business and if you're reading this, then that reason probably doesn't apply to you...(don't worry, I'll tell you what it is when we get to the end - gotta keep you in suspense a bit first though, right!?)

In the 2 years or so that I've been working with business owners, people have given me a LOT of reasons NOT to start and they're all just excuses we tell ourselves because we're scared.

We're scared of change

We're scared of judgment

We're scared to fail.

If that's where you are right now, then please read on. You need to hear this.

1) I haven't found the right idea yet

Sounds fair, right? You can't start a business if you don't know what business to start after all...

Actually, you can because the fact is, you probably do have at least an idea or two - you just don't have the PERFECT idea yet.

Well friend, I'm hear to tell you - that 'perfect' idea? You could be waiting a lifetime for it unless you start something.

The quickest way to clarity is action (and feel free to quote me on that ).

Did you know, when I first started my business I was a copywriter? You see, I've always been good at writing and in fact, content creation was a big part of my corporate role so I had plenty of experience and confidence. After all, I already had a successful food blog under my belt too!

It turns out that copywriting definitely wasn't the perfect business for me.

I actually hated writing for other people on subjects that I didn't really care about.

I also hated trading my time for money and knowing that I would never earn more than my daily rate no matter how great I was...

So, I made some changes and focused on the world of coaching... then online course creation... and  I launched a membership, social media management and now I've come full circle back to coaching - but this time around with so much more clarity on who I want to serve and how.  

The thing is, if I hadn't started, I never would have discovered those things and I'd probably still be stressed and trapped in my corporate job WAITING for that lightening bolt moment of inspiration that was never going to come...

If you want to start your own business but you're struggling to know what business to start then check out this post for inspiration: How to Find the Perfect Niche for Your Online Business

2) It's not the right time

This is the exact same excuse that hubby and I used when it came to planning our first baby.

'We need to wait until we're more financially stable'

'Our jobs are too demanding...'

etc. etc.

As luck would have it (although it didn't feel very lucky at the time!) I fell pregnant without planning to and so we had our first baby before we'd officially decided it was the right time. 

Thank GOODNESS! I'm not sure I'd ever have got there otherwise... and of course that 'perfect time' is just like the 'perfect idea' - it will never come if we're always looking for excuses not to do something because we're afraid.

Starting a business is scary and it's a commitment but if you want to do it then just START because the 'right time' might never come...

3) I don't know how

Now I know you know this is just a silly reason not to do something...

I mean, once upon a time, you didn't know how to walk or talk - but that didn't stop you doing it, now did it?

If you want to do something and you don't know how then you get support and you learn.

As luck would have it, helping Mums to grow their own business is kinda my thing and I'd be happy to help you too...  I've even created a free mini-course that you can dive into right now if you're ready to get started...

This FREE 7 Day Mini-Course is for Mums with service based businesses, looking to give their biz a kickstart. You'll learn:

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  • How to create a strong brand
  • How to beat 'Imposter Syndrome'

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4) I don't have the time

Oh, I SO get this one.

You've got a family and perhaps a full time job still too - plus you know, it'd be nice to be able to have some kind of life and maybe even sleep once in a while... so how on earth are you supposed to fit a a business into your already packed days??

Did you know that the likes of Brené Brown, Marie Forleo and Mel Robbins ALL have something in common with you (other than being awesome women of course!)?

They all have the same 24 hours in their days.

You have the same amount of time as EVERYONE else - what you choose to do with that time is up to you. If running your own business is a priority then you DO have the time. 

Don't believe me? I'd love you to try a simple exercise... Go check out a fab tool called Toggl. You can use it to track your time and see how you really spend it. I bet if you were to track everything you do for 24 hours (or longer) then you'd be able to find at least a few hours that could be put towards your business (if that business is really something you want to do).

For more help with time management, go check out my post: 29 Time Management Tips to Help You Manage Your Business & Your Day Job

5) I don't have the money

I see 2 very distinct types of people coming into my 'world' as a business coach. One set of people are my people - the ones I know I can help and the ones I know will get results.

The others I now recognise and avoid because I know they won't commit, they'll always have excuses and they'll probably never get their business off the ground.

The thing that separates these people? Their willingness to invest in their dream - to put their money where their mouths are.

Look, running a service based business online is nothing like starting a more traditional business and actually, the costs involved are pretty minimal. You'll need to pay out for things like a domain name, web hosting, and an email provider (and even that has free options) but other than that, the amount you spend is largely up to you and can grow as your business does.

6) My family wouldn't approve

When I first decided to put a halt to my corporate career and start my own business instead, I was incredibly worried about what people would think - in particular, my parents who had paid my way through university and my in-laws who both came from secure civil service careers.

I was incredibly lucky because all my friends and family have been nothing but supportive of my choice. It turns out that I gave them too little credit - something that I would never have discovered if I hadn't overcome my fears and spoken to them.

Perhaps you'll be lucky like I was or perhaps you'll face some resistance from your loved ones - in which case, I'm sorry - that can be tough.

Either way, this is YOUR life and you get to live it the way you choose.  Those who love you may not understand your choice but they will respect it if they see it's what you really want.

7) I don't have anything to sell

I'm just going to come right out and call BS on this one.

There are people out there selling messages on potatoes. If they can make a business doing that, then you can make a business doing something too!

We're ALL good at something. We've all had experiences and challenges that we've overcome and can help people with. We all have interests and passions that people ask us about in our personal lives.

You may feel like you're not 'expert' enough or 'good' enough but I promise you, you are if you want to be.

When I first started coaching I felt like a complete fraud. I was coaching people in running a business - and yet, I'd never run one myself until now (nevermind the 13 years of business and marketing experience that I'd picked up during my corporate career!)

Then one day, I watched a Facebook live from another coach and she told a story about when she went to school and struggled with maths. Her maths teacher was incredibly qualified with not just a teaching degree but a doctorate in maths to his name. Yet, she couldn't understand what he was teaching. The way he explained it just went over her head...

So after each lesson, she would sit with her best friend who had more of a natural aptitude for maths (and explaining it) and her friend would go through the lesson again in a way that made sense.

That friend was just a half step ahead of her and yet, she was the better teacher than the professor who had spent a lifetime studying the subject.

The same is true for you and your business. You don't need to be the BEST, you don't need to have qualifications coming out of your ears. You just need some passion and a willingness to learn and grow as you go.

8) I don't have the right personality

We all have pre-conceived ideas about what it takes to be an entrepreneur don't we?

Perhaps you've bought into those flashy images online of people standing in front of Ferraris with wads of cash in their hands and decided that it's all a bit sleazy for you.

Or maybe you've seen people on stage, confidently talking about their particular areas of expertise and thought that could never be you.

It could be that you just think that only clever, intellectual types could run a successful business...

The fact is, all different types of people are successful online business owners....

Introverts and extroverts

High IQ and low IQ

Rich backgrounds and poor backgrounds

Young and old...

If you want it then go out and get it.

9) I don't like selling

Do you want the good news first or the bad? (If it helps, I have TWO pieces of good news and only one bad....)

Ok, let's get the bad news out of the way...

You WILL have to sell if you're running a business because ...well, you know... it's a business.

Now quickly on to the good stuff!

1) If you're doing it right, it won't feel like selling

2) The more you sell, the easier it becomes

You see, most of us have pre-conceived notions about selling just in the same way as we do about 'entrepreneurs'. 

We see selling as 'pushy' or 'sleazy' or even 'immoral' - but the fact is, if you're selling something that you know will help someone then isn't it a good thing?

When I go to our lovely local coffee house, I don't feel the least bit put out when the friendly waitress comes and asks for my order. She isn't being 'pushy', 'sleazy' or immoral. She's helping me to get what I want! 

The ONLY Reason NOT to start an Online Business...

Well, I did promise to let you into the secret so here it is...

The only reason NOT to run your own business is if you actually don't want to.

That's it.

If you want to have your own business then there is no reason out there that is unsurmountable. 

If you've been using any of the above excuses not to start then ask yourself - is it because you're afraid or is it because you just don't really want to?

If it's the latter then hopefully this post has helped you to realise that and allow you to move on...

If it's the former then let this be your call to action - your call to get started already!

Looking to kickstart your business?

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