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5 Huge Mistakes to Avoid with Your Social Media Posts

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Success with social media really isn't complicated.  The secret is in the name - SOCIAL.  Yet, so many people overthink it, overdo it and end up getting it all wrong.  Here are 5 things to avoid like the plague if you want to stand out on social...

Talking AT people all the time

I get it.  You want to help!  That's why you set you your business - it's why you set up your social channels.  But the thing is, you can't just shout directions at people without any conversation.  Imagine walking into a room and walking up to a complete stranger and yelling 'Here are my top tips to get fit' in their face.  They're going to back away from you pretty quickly...

Tips and advice have their place on social, for sure - but don't forget conversation, discussion and all the other good stuff that allows you to actually build a relationship with people - and vice versa.

Content that is forced and lack lustre

Ok, you know you're meant to post on social media - and you have to do it often and consistently to make an impact.  That's true.  But your content needs to add value.  It needs to mean something.  It needs to make your readers feel something.  Stop adding content for the sake of adding content.  Your readers can see right through it and they won't thank you for it.

Saying the same as everyone else

Checking out other people's social media is a great way to get inspiration for your own - but you need to avoid the temptation to imitate their style, their voice - and certainly, their exact content!!

Your social media channels are your platform to show off your own brand, to shout about your own message and to use your voice - your posts, to stand out from the crowd.

Be different.  Be you - warts and all. That's what will make your ideal clients connect with YOU rather than someone else.

Constant sales pitches

There's no denying it, social media is a fantastic way to promote your stuff, whether that be your content, your lead magnets or your products and services.  But it should be soooooo much more than that.  If you can create posts that excite and attract your ideal clients, then you don't need to promote yourself all the time - they'll already love you and want to buy.

As a rule of thumb, if you're promoting in more than 10% of your posts, you're doing it too much.


Do you know how long it takes for people to forget you online? Ummm... not long. (If anyone has an actual answer to that, let me know! I Googled it for ages...)

Anyhoo, my point is, if you want to make an impact on social media, you need to post consistently. If you want your audience to have a conversation with you, you can't suddenly vanish for days or weeks on end!

It may feel like you're talking to yourself at first, but stay the course and you won't regret it!

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