Have you been wondering what you're doing wrong?

  • Do you feel like you're spending waaaay too much time trying to grow your social media but you're not really getting anywhere?
  • Have you been reading all the books, blogs and articles out there but just feel overloaded with information?
  • Do you keep comparing yourself with others online and find yourself coming up short?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the number of social media channels that you need to be on?
  • Are you just putting content out there without any real plan?
  • Are you lacking direction and not sure where to start?
  • Do you have big plans for your biz - but you never quite seem to get there?
  • Is life too short for all the hassle and you just want a simple system to help you get where you want to be?

Here's what's holding you back...

You just need a plan. I'm not talking about a few notes you jotted down months ago about wanting to 'get more clients' or 'increase your following'. I'm talking about a step by step strategy that will give you focus and direction and that will ultimately take you and your business to that next step you've been dreaming of. You know you're not getting anywhere with how things are.  It's time to invest in that life you've been dreaming of. It's time to make a plan.

I want to help you to take your business to the next level...

With the guidance and support you'll get from 1:1 coaching with me, I believe that you will make the breakthrough that you've been wanting in your business. You'll start to move forward and finally get that success you've been so sure was possible.

I can help you to set clearer goals and to create a step by step plan to achieve them. You're doing this because life's too short right? I want to help you create a business that will allow you to spend your time doing what you truly love!​

This time last year, I was working full time in my corporate marketing role. I worked long hours, I was away a LOT and I never got to spend quality time with my family. Here's how things have changed for me (and how they can change for you too!)...​

  • I work the hours that suit my lifestyle
  • On sunny days I take my boys to the park, I don't just stare out of the office window, wishing that I could!
  • Next year we're planning a holiday of a lifetime with our boys - something we could never have afforded before
  • I'm not tired all the time so now I get to spend time doing other things that I love like reading, cooking and spending time with my loved ones
  • Every day feels like a gift now - instead of a chore

This is what you'll take away...


to stop comparing yourself with others

to be decisive about what will work best for you and your business​

to do things that scare you that have been holding you back

to actually SELL, in way you're comfortable with and without feeling awkward or sleazy


Marketing goals that are in alignment with your business

A plan for the coming year that is specific and actionable

A clear vision of the path that you need to take to achieve your business and life goals​

Why work with me?

I'm Colette Broomhead, an Business Coach who helps entrepreneurs who want more from life - more travel, more time with their loved ones...and yes, more money too!

I worked in the corporate world for 13 years and for the most part I loved it, but in order to succeed you have to make sacrifices. Your time, your passions and sometimes even your health become forfeit. For a long time, I was prepared to make those sacrifices. I missed school plays, parents' evenings and anniversaries. Then one day, it occurred to me that my boys' childhoods were slipping away and I was missing them. Within a month I had handed in my notice and now everything has changed. I get to do what I love, I get to spend time with the people I love and I get to live a life I love.

I was lucky. I had 13 years of business and marketing experience so when I set up on my own I had a pretty good head start! During those 13 years I also managed teams, developed people and coached others to set and reach their career goals. That's why I went into coaching and it's why I'm so confident that I can help you too!​

I was very happy with the feedback and coaching that Colette provided. She was always very professional and timely, and her quality work has helped me to strengthen my marketing plans. I was especially pleased by the quick and constant outreach, Colette always seemed to be available and was very accommodating to my schedule - which can sometimes be hectic. I would definitely recommend her to anyone!

La Artista Travels

What to expect

Session 1: Back to Basics

Getting clear on your business purpose

Identifying your ideal client

Looking at your key marketing goals

Session 2: Creating a Strong Brand

Look and feel

Finding your tone of voice

Being memorable

Session 3: The Customer Life Cycle

Understanding what the customer life cycle is and how it should drive your marketing

Applying this to your own business​

Session 4: Goal Setting

Revisiting your goals from session 1

Setting more specific goals for each stage of the customer life cycle

Session 5: The Plan

Mapping out a step by step plan to achieve each of your goals

Additional Sessions (Optional)

Session 6: Measuring Success

Understanding what to measure to make sure you're on track

​The importance of test and review

Session 6: Setting Yourself Up for Success

​Staying motivated

Managing Your Time

Being accountable

The details

Sessions booked at times to suit you

Sessions held via Zoom or Skype

Each session booked for an hour

You will receive recordings of all sessions

​Follow-up email support for 7 days after each session

​Worksheets and templates included

Recommended 1 session per week​

...it was a breath of fresh air to have Colette on board to help coach me with my marketing plans. I find Colette approachable, friendly, warm and someone who always comes across positive and passionate about her work. Through Colette's carefully crafted coaching questions I was able to identify the gaps in my marketing plan and came away with several points I can now take action on! I am looking forward to seeing my business thrive thanks to the early stages of help, support and advice Colette has given me. I cannot recommend enough investing your time and money to get the guidance from a true professional, it will make the world of difference to you and your business.


Are you in?

Great! Before we get started, I want you to be absolutely sure so I'd like to offer you a free 1 hour intro session before you make up you mind.

Colette Broomhead is a trading name of Cololas Ltd