how to create a powerful brand story

We all love stories. Since our ancestors began drawing on cave walls, we humans have been naturally drawn (pardon the pun!) to communicating using stories.  That's why brand stories work so well in marketing.  People don't go and tell their friends about a great tagline they read or about a fantastic list of features and benefits.  They may appreciate those things, but that's not what they remember.  They remember the stories we tell.

Think of Warby Parker for example.  They achieved tremendous recognition through word of mouth because people loved their story.  In a sector where one company controls over 80% of all the major eye-wear brands, they refused to conform and were determined to over-come the monopoly by offering affordable but stylish glasses for all. 

If you're not telling your brand story then you're missing a wonderful opportunity to connect with potential customers and to stand out from your competitors.  Your story could be about any number of things - what led you to start your business, what your business stands for and why or perhaps what you do for your customers that makes you unique...

In this week's Business Class Monday video, I chat to you about the power of brand stories, how you can create one for your business and I give you a little peak at mine!

What will people tell their friends and families about you and your business?

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