how to plan your way to success

Do you find yourself wishing you had more hours in the day?

Do you find that day after day, you get caught up in an endless list of tasks that crop up and although you feel like you've been really busy, you don't feel like you've actually achieved anything? 

In January, you excitedly set out your goals for the year, dreaming of that big launch or finally hitting those ambitious sales targets. Only, here we are in March and you don't feel like you've actually got any closer....

Sound familiar? Frustrating isn't it? And chances are, it's because you haven't worked out how to plan properly for your business.

In today's Business Class Monday, I'm walking you through how I plan out my year - right down to creating a plan for each week.  It has proved to be game changer for my business and it's going to be for yours too!  Every day I know exactly which tasks I need to complete and I know that each one is taking me a step closer to my annual goals AND to my overall business purpose.  Everything I do feels productive and is in alignment.  

I balance my time between activities that are going to;

Generate revenue

Create free content and value

Build relationships

Future planning and development

Personal development

Of course there's time to be put aside for admin, but careful planning means that I can prioritise and get rid of any tasks which aren't actually adding value.

If you want to learn more then take a look at this week's video...

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?Grab your free planner!?

If this has inspired you to get planning then I've got a little freebie for you to help you on your way!  Just print off my weekly planner and pin it up in your work space and it will keep you on track and out of the distraction zone! :)  You can get yours here...

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