how to show a negative mindset who's boss

Ok gang, time for some #realtalk (sorry, I always wanted to use that expression!) Anyhoo, what I'm saying is, you're your own worst enemy.  You know when you wake up, stub your toe as you get out of bed and then decide that you're going to 'have one of those days'?  Do you realise how ridiculous that is? How illogical? It's negative mindset and it's standing between you and success.

Stop making excuses, stop telling yourself that you're going to fail, that it's not worth trying or that the kind of success you're dreaming of only happens to other people, 'lucky' people who presumably never stub their toes when they get out of bed....

This week's video is all about how destructive that negative mindset can be.  You can literally talk yourself out of success that way and I don't want that for you!  That's why I'm sharing a few tools that you can use stay positive and stay on track.

Video Timeline

0 - 0.26: Intro

0.27 - 2.10: Why mindset matters

2.11 - 3.10: Dealing with negative mindset tip 1 - Take a moment

3.11 - 3.49: Dealing with negative mindset tip 2 - Ask for help

3.50 - 4.19: Dealing with negative mindset tip 3 - Look for a silver lining or lesson


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