how to write an about page that will make people want to work with you

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Your About Page is a key element of your business website.  Very often, it will be the first thing that potential customers will look for when they click through to your site.


Well, because they want to get to know you.  People are nosy!  Plus they want to work with people they feel they can relate to. They want to work with people they feel they have a relationship with - and your About page is often where that relationship begins.

If your About page is the first place people go, then it's your opportunity to give them a great first impression (or a bad one!).  Not only that, it's a huge chance to communicate your key messages to potential customers.  What do you want people to know about you and your business right away?

Perhaps something about your background and experience?

What you stand for and why?

What your business mission and purpose is and why?

All of this information is what will help your ideal clients to feel like they're in the right place.

So you need to get it right... No pressure! 😉

Not sure where to start? No probs - here are a few tips...

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